101 things to do with an old fridge…

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Interesting things are happening in the King’s Arms kitchen!

The boys (my chefs) asked if the old beer fridge in the cellar was being used for anything – on the answer no, it was whipped into the kitchen, scrubbed to gleaming and promptly turned into a smoking box. Not that they intend to sit in it puffing on a woodbine – taking the home-produced ethic to another level.

The boys are now smoking their own ingredients to include on the menu. Apparently you can use anything to create the smoke – even, as Heston Blumenthal said, your Granny’s shoes (not quite sure how Granny’s shoe Chicken would sell). The boys opted for a safer bet and used maple wood chips.

Looking through the glass door of the fridge (or now a smokery) its fascinating – strips of chicken, garlic bulbs and sea salt sit or hang over a period of ten hours on the shelves quietly absorbing the scented smoke. The home-smoked cheese now tops our old smokey burger, and the sausages (also home made) are simply gorgeous and will soon be appearing on the menu. Watch this space!

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